how to be more thankful in our homemaking

It can be really easy to get into a rut with caring for our family and our home.  There are a lot of mundane repetitive tasks that we do day in and day out, over and over with out much progress to be seen.  And if we are honest it can be real easy to let the joy and thankfulness get swept up and out the door. Today I’m thinking through how to be more thankful in our homemaking.

We love Pinterest don’t we with all the beautiful home decorating ideas and home renovation ideas? But spending too long gazing at perfection and beautiful can sometimes turn us sour when the reality of our own homes don’t measure up.  And how can they? We live in them, a lot of us have a limited budget. It’s great to get ideas but to hold these images as a standard can quickly produce discontentment.

Practical ways to help us be more thankful in our homemaking:

1. Compare down not up.

At some point I made myself do a google search of homes around the world.  I was confronted with people living in scraps put together into lean to’s. The poverty was rather breathtaking. It can be easy to forget how much we really do have compared to much of the world especially if we have been comparing our lives to what we see on tv or social media.

2. Make a gratitude list regularly.

Make a list of all you have to be grateful for and the blessings in your life through your home and in your family. There are plenty of people around the world that would like to have even a fraction of what you and I have. Research shows that thinking about what you have to be grateful for regularly makes you happier, reduces stress and improves your health.

3. Reduce time on social media.

Scale back on the time you spend on watching home decorating shows, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Or at least reduce the time you spend on the images of perfect homes. Remember these images are captures of moments in time that probably took a lot of time and no children involved to create. They are not a reflection of real life.

4. Take time to learn new skills.

Taking the time to learn new skills can make our homemaking more enjoyable and fulfilling. I am a fan of learning old fashioned skills like sewing, knitting, canning and gardening. I have even learned to chop wood recently! Learn how to use essential oils, or how to make homemade cleaners. Read homemaking books. Bake homemade bread. Make homemade apple butter in your crockpot. There are so many things to learn! Spend your Pinterest time looking for new skills or recipes to try instead of focusing on home decorating for awhile. Learning something new keeps our homemaking fresh, exciting and enjoyable.

5. Shake it up a bit and have fun!

I am someone who lives and dies by her routines, but sometimes I need a little change in the routine for a breath of fresh air so that my beloved routines don’t actually become overly tiresome.  Every once in a while I throw the routine out the door and spend the day sewing or sitting outside looking at books with the kids. Those things are still productive homemaking.

6. Find a way to serve someone. 

Make a meal for someone else or offer to babysit for a friend in need.  Using your home or homemaking to serve someone else moves your focus off of yourself and on to someone else who is in a situation who needs some extra help and love. It always brings joy to serve someone else. It is a wonderful example for your kids as well. 

7. Don’t measure yourself by your home.

Don’t use the cleanliness or your home, the organization or the beauty of it become a measuring stick for your value, worth or ability. Especially, especially if you have a bunch of small children running around. Your home is meant to be a blessing to you, your family and others around you.

8. Remember it’s a privilege and a blessing.

Remember that it is a privilege and a blessing to serve in our homes and it is a truly high calling.  Not all moms are able to stay home and devote their time to homemaking. Take some time and think about how God has blessed you by allowing you to stay home to care for your home and your family.

9. Remember that all we have on this earth is fleeting and will all be gone one day.

Making a home is more than just scrubbing the toilets, folding endless piles of laundry and figuring out what you are going to eat for three meals a day. Yes those things surely are important and need to get done (at some point haha). But set your mind on things above and remember that what matters the most in our homemaking is our relationships with one another. Beautiful things will all crumble and fall apart one day, but our people (their souls) will live on into eternity. Investing our time and focus into our relationships with our children and our husbands is the most important part of our homemaking.

10. Take a day off.

Sometimes we just need some rest and to reset once in awhile. How is that possible for a mama? Pull out a couple freezer meals and declare it mama’s day off (well you know as much as mama can be off with kids around). Don’t worry about the chores and don’t feel bad about a little extra screen time if that’s what it takes (one day will be just fine!). Do something restful and refreshing.

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how to be more thankful in our homemaking