what's in my fall garden
Snap peas! I’m trying to gather bricks little by little to put around my in ground beds.

Since the weather has finally cooled down, I’ve been busy in the garden a little each morning, trying to get it back in to some semblance of order.   It became rather overgrown and neglected through the summer.  I am giving a little update on what’s happening in my fall garden.

Between a drought and life, the only things that really survived out of the things I planted in August I think it was, were a handful of bell pepper plants, a few tomatoes plants and a few green bean plants. I have gotten a few bell peppers! There are more growing and the tomatoes are flowering so will get some soon if I can keep them protected from the frosts! The weather has been very strange this year.

Where did all these pine needles come from all of a sudden?!

Lettuce is so easy to grow and yet….

I had to give this a couple of tries this year, as I encountered several obstacles. 

Lettuce really is super easy to grow, but it was a struggle this season for various reasons.

Try # 1 Even though I waited to plant, it was still just ridiculously hot in September. I also planted in grown. So with the heat the seeds didn’t germinate and instead the aggravating weeds completely took over the fertilized bed.  I am trying to smother it and prepare the back end of the overgrown garden by laying down cardboard boxes and lasagna gardening layers.

Try #2 Wouldn’t you know RIGHT after I planted in a raised bed a really big rain came along and washed a lot of the seeds away. I also saw a lot of birds out there.

Try #3 I threw some seeds in pots while I was waiting to see what was going to happen with bed that got rained on, and there was evidence some animal (probably neighbor cats) were digging in them. Planting lettuce in pots is the easiest and most sure fire way to grow lettuce, unless of course you have cats digging in the seeds.

Try #4 Started a whole new bed, threw down seeds in the larger part of the bed, threw another mix of leafy greens at the other end of the bed. Kale, collard greens, old spinach seeds. These look as if they will be successful. Most of the seeds seem to have germinated and they are growing.

*Sigh* Then I noticed today when I went out for pictures for this post there are a good amount of pine needles on the bed. Hmmph. Gardening can be like that sometimes…But I also learned several new things so not all was lost. I am a relatively new gardener so I am still learning. I would love a gardening grandmother to come teach me all the tips and tricks of our area!

What I have started in my fall garden:

I like to start my seeds in potting soil then transplant. This is what I decided to keep the cats from scratching in the seedlings.
  • Lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson and Salad Bowl)
  • Kale (various kinds)
  • Collard Greens
  • Some carrots (my other packets of seeds I had seemed to have disappeared)
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Garlic
  • Poppies
  • Snap peas
  • Trying onions!

Probably the most exciting! Fruit!

what's growing in my fall garden

I have wanted to start fruit trees/bushes since we first moved to this house getting closer to 3.5 years ago. I have hemmed and hawed over it and finally decided I’ll just figure it out as I go and get started. I got:

One fig tree

3 blackberries

1 blueberry

 I have done a little bit of researching on propogating plants, and I think that will be really interesting and money saving adventure. Of course now that I have them in the ground I’m already wanting to go ahead and order apple and pear trees!

Other fall garden activities:

I shoveled the compost out of the one bin I have to “turn it” and to make room in the bin to start over.  I took a couple month break from composting, so the compost is almost completely finished and it looks really good.  After “turning” it, there are so many plants sprouting out of it!  It’s a shame they will probably die from a frost before that start producing.  I was really excited about making good compost though because 1. it’s free and 2. I experimented making it pretty much solely out of kitchen scraps an paper plates.  There were some other miscellaneous items, but I didn’t use like dried leaves or straw or anything like that.  I plan to write about my method in composting later.

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