As a homeschooler, this is about the time of year I think about stocking up on back to school supplies. There are such great back to school sales, it only makes sense to buy in bulk for the upcoming school year. Here’s a list of the ten school supplies that will keep your simple homeschool stocked up for the upcoming school year.

1. Fall Clothes! We don’t have to follow a dress code, or even get out of our pjs if we don’t feel like it(ha!) but I do like to buy some clothes for my kids this time of year. Take advantage of the discounts and get a few simple fall basics like long sleeve shirts, pants and shoes.

2. Paper! All the papers. Loose leaf notebook paper, construction paper, notebooks, even sketch pads for nature studies. Paper is a simple supply you always want to have on hand.

3. Color Pencils! And regular of course. I LOVE fat color pencils best. Especially for small hands starting out they are great. Easy to hold and last so much longer than crayons. If you get the triangular shaped pencils they don’t roll off the table!

Photo by Naomi Bokhout from Pexels
Photo by Naomi Bokhout from Pexels

4. Washable! Repeat after me. Washable. Take a deep breath. Washable! Now be free to be crafty, artistic and creative. It washes off! Off the toddler, off the table, off the wall. It’s great! They make washable everything. Washable markers, glue, paint, and more.

5. Glue sticks! Glue sticks are so simple to use and just make crafts easier. Much less messy than traditional glue.

6. Watercolor paints! These are great to have in your homeschool ESPECIALLY if you have toddlers and preschoolers. They love to paint, but it’s not quite as messy as regular washable acrylics. They are so easy too because it’s self contained in one tray and room for a brush.

7. Markers! My kids love markers, so I always get plenty of these. Washable of course. They are are always a great price come back to school season. Regular markers for coloring, but don’t forget dry erase markers which are great for tracing/handwriting practice.

8. Binders! Binders are great to use in your homeschool but they are also great just around the house for organizing your important papers. We aren’t required to keep portfolios in my state, but I find it so convenient to have a place to keep work and papers in one place per child. Or that be the theory.

9. Tape! Tape is just the best! So many uses around the house, great for all kinds of projects and keeps the toddler happy for quite awhile.

10. Backpacks! Even though homeschool kids aren’t getting on a school bus every morning, there are lots of opportunities to get out of the house and backpacks are the best in my opinion. Pack them with a lunch and a book for a picnic at the park, or with pjs and a teddy for an overnight at grandma’s. They are so versatile and definitely worth getting a discount on during back to school sales.

What will YOU be stocking up on this season at the back to school sales? Let me know in the comments!