Homemade gifts are so nice to give and to receive. Giving a homemade gift is a great way to show someone you love and appreciation without spending a lot of money. But making gifts by hand can also get overwhelming and take a lot of time.  I’ve put together a list of simple and easy gifts you can make in a hurry when you are short on time and on money.

You can make these gift ideas purely from scratch, or repackage store bought items in bulk and add a little personal flare to make them more special.

Food gifts make everyone happy:

simple homemade gift ideas

Food is pretty much always a welcome gift.  People love to receive special treats they wouldn’t take the time to make for themselves.  Especially if they have food intolerances like I do, it’s so appreciated to get a special treat that meets my special dietary needs. I think the men in our life really value and appreciate a favorite goody, and they can be the hardest to buy for sometimes. 

Simple homemade food gifts ideas:

Baked items:

Food in Jars:


  • High end coffee
  • Teas, especially loose leaf in a pretty jar or container
  • Hot cocoa mixes
  • Nice bottle of wine 

Self Care Gift Ideas:

Self care gift items are nice because often times we don’t think to get these little splurges for ourselves, but they are practical and nice to have. You can either make your own homemade mixes or buy some store bought and repackage them to make them prettier and more special.

  • Homemade soap
  • Fancier special store bought soap
  • Facial clothes
  • Bath salts
  • Body scrubs are easy to make but a real treat to receive
  • A pretty (or huge utilitarian) water bottle
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath Soaks
  • Bubble bath

Simple Homemade Gifts for the Home:

Some wonderful special gift ideas you can make to make home cozier.

Simple Homemade Gift Ideas for the Kids:

Homemade gifts for kids are the best. Kids really value something special from someone they love. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to communicate our love. The littlest ones in our lives are usually just happy to play with the wrapping paper and boxes 🙂

  • Homemade stuffies like teddies or bunnies or monsters (basic sewing skill needed)
  • Homemade playdough
  • Candy (Need I say more haha) I love that Whole Foods has some healthier candy canes out for Christmas and Amazon has a ton of healthier candy options.
  • Cookies 
  • Tic tac toe game
  • DIY fort kit by Wit and Wander (This looks like so much fun!)
  • Seriously a box and some markers haha 🙂
  • Yarn dolls
  • Homemade special print pillow case (basic sewing skills needed)

If you have sewing skills:

If you have some really basic sewing skills and a sewing machine you can whip up some simple, inexpensive gifts really quickly.

If you have knitting/crochet skills:

Ok, so this one is a relative “quick” depending on how much time you have and depending on how you knit or crochet. But if you can knit while you are riding in the car, sitting in a line to pick up your kids, while you watch tv or chat with a friend, then it adds up in time you would have spent doing something else anyways. And bonus, you will have completed a handmade gift or two.

I really hope you enjoyed this list and found some inspiration for some good ideas of simple and easy gifts you can make in a hurry!

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