Well the month has just spun on without me it seems, and Thanksgiving snuck up on me like literally the week before I was like what?  It’s Thanksgiving already?!?!  It’s been a busy month dealing with life. Today I’m sharing November update and my November links and loves.

November links and loves
Snap peas growing

I’ve been working in the yard getting some good physical exercise, chopping and moving wood to be able to have fires every colder evenings.  I am experimenting to see how it affects our electric bill along with keeping the thermostat lower than we usually do. So far it’s been keeping the heat off all but overnight.

november links and loves
Stack of wood I (mostly chopped by hand). We rented a log spliter and got a much more impressive stack now!

I’ve also been raking pine needles and laying them in the paths of my garden, to help keep out the weeds next spring.  It sure is making the garden look a little prettier and neater. It’s a free and fairly abundant resource.  I love to be out in the sunshine and fresh air getting some exercise while my kids play after lunch.  I am grateful to have the energy to do the work even if it is little by little.

november links and loves
Pine needles in the garden paths

I’ve been working on homemade gifts for my family little by little as I have time as well, more about that will be coming soon in the form of a blog post. Be sure to sign up for email list in the sidebar so you don’t miss it!

Peppermint sticks I wrapped up to look pretty for the stockings

November Links and Loves:

November Links I loved:

Tenth Acre Farm:   I was so inspired by what they were able to grow on just a tenth of an acre!!  We have .75 acres so imagine what we could do! There’s so much good gardening info on her website. I’m currently reading and loving her book The Subruban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People.

Daily Momtivity  I found this great site, lots of great tips for moms and I really appreciated her post on Surviving the Stomach Flu

Farmhouse on Boone’s Simple Living Gift Guide  I love this gift guide.  Everything she posted is right in line with my kind of thinking.  No cluttering type gifts for the minimalist or minimalist want to be.  I got a couple simple, useful and thoughtful gift ideas for my kids and a few things for my own wish list!

Things I’m loving this month:

Little House on the Prairie Season 1

I’m not one much for sitting still long enough to watch tv, but I adore the Little House on the Prairie books and have been wanting to watch the show for a long, long time now. It’s really fun to be able to sit with the kids and watch something entertaining and uplifting. It’s on Prime!  I can definitely see owning these, they would be a treasure to be able to watch over and over in the coming years.

Little House in the Big Woods Audio book

Am I the only one with a pack of rowdy kids at lunch time? Listening to an audio book at lunch time makes lunch so much more peaceful and logs in some read aloud time to boot!

Backyard Homesteading by David Toht

This is a wonderful resource I know I will reference over and over again. It’s full of information on all kinds of topics, in depth gardening information, growing fruit….

The Introverted Mom by Jamie C. Martin:

I was given this book as an early birthday present and have had my eye on it for some time. I am reading this one slowly. It’s really giving me some helpful insight and tips for making life as an introverted mama a little bit easier.

I have tons of other ideas that I love and look interesting on my Pinterest Board. Head on over and follow me there for lots of great ideas about homemaking, motherhood and gardening.

I hope you had a lovely November! And I hope you found something interesting in my November links and loves list. Let me know what you have been loving this month in the comments below!