Well hello there, wide world. I have to admit I feel rather small stepping out into the world of blogging, like I’m paddling a very tiny boat in a vast sea of bloggers.

I’m thrilled to be starting back on the writing journey. I was once an inspiring writer some odd years ago fresh out of college. I gave it up to be a practical, responsible adult, (hmmm….) then got carried away by meeting Jesus, marriage and children. Quite a few children.

But something has been brewing for awhile and the desire to write has resurfaced. A fog has lifted to some degree and so here I am. Setting up shop, hanging my shingle, taking calls (ha!) you know putting myself out there. I hope I don’t just feel like I’m talking to myself. Ha! That’s what I’ve been warned the early blogging days will feel like. That’s ok, I think I’ve gotten used to that feeling.

I love Jesus. I love to learn and am a voracious reader. I’m interested in gardening, knitting, sewing and minimalism. Homemaking, gut health, cooking are important parts of my life. I’m a homeschooling mama of six ages 8 to four months. We are living through a long term renovation of a 1950’s fixer upper only three years in. I’m drawn to old fashioned living but often enough convenience wins out. I love fresh cut flowers, baskets and quiet days at home. I hope you’ll join me, it should be interesting!