how to stay hydrated even when you are really busy

I think we can all agree drinking enough water is a top priority when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  But a lot of us struggle to get enough each day, especially when we are really busy. And we are all really busy aren’t we? As a homeschooling mama of many young children I can find it really difficult to take proper care of myself, especially remembering to drink enough water. I want to show you how to stay hydrated even when you are really busy.

Top tips for how to stay hydrated even when you are really busy:

1.Choose a cup or bottle that you really enjoy drinking out of.

We all seem to have our quirks and preferences on what we like to drink out of, for me it’s a wide mouth mason jar. When you like you drinking vessel you are more likely to drink from it more often. I’ve seen people with really pretty water bottles, or maybe it’s a coffee mug with something written on it that makes you laugh. My sister carries around a gigantic gallon size water bottle. Whatever works for you!

2. Place your favorite cup somewhere highly visible.

It’s important that you put your favorite cup/bottle/drinking vessel somewhere you will see it often. For me this is the kitchen counter. I’m in there constantly and the kitchen is a pretty central location in my house. Your life or house may be different. If you are a nursing mom, putting your cup next to your favorite nursing spot may be more ideal. Figure out where you are most in your day and put your cup there so you’ll see it and have ready access to it.

3. Carry a water bottle with you when are out of the house.

Any time you are out of the house it’s a good idea to carry water with you. Sitting at an appointment is a perfect time to take a deep breath and drink some water while you wait. Carry several bottles or a larger refillable bottle if you spend the bulk of your day out of the house.

4. Create anchors in your day to remind you to drink water.

What is an anchor? Something that happens regularly in your daily routine. Choose something that occurs regularly in your day that you can attach a habit of drinking water to that action, and eventually it will turn into a no think habit. Like drink a cup of water every time you go to the bathroom, or change the baby’s diaper, sit down to nurse that kind of thing. You can even set a timer on your phone.

1. Make drinking water interesting:

You don’t always have to just drink plain water.  Plenty of that is preferable but you can make your water interesting with a variety of infusions, add ins etc. Here are some examples:

  • In the form of herbal tea. Decaf iced tea is great too.
  • Seltzer water is a great option, particularly if you have a soda habit. I used to love to drink Diet Coke. I think because the fizz, but there are a lot of unhealthy chemicals in it so I switched.
  • Add a pinch of sea salt for electrolytes and to help you stay hydrated, especially if you’ve been sick or sweating a lot. I also really love to make a “keto lemonade”.

I hope those ideas on how to stay hydrated even when you are really busy help you get more water into your day! I’d love to hear any other ideas you have in the comments below.

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