How to make epic goal for the upcoming year

January is a great time of the year to spend some time thinking of how to make epic goals for the upcoming year.

Spending some time to think through what has worked for you this past year and what hasn’t can make a big difference in your productivity.

Let’s all be honest here though. Life just gets away from us sometimes, doesn’t it? We have the best intentions with a new diet then we get sick, or we really meant to read that stack of great books, then life just got really busy. Life as mom is busy and hard.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still work towards accomplishing some goals for ourselves. I think it’s really important to keep working on hobbies and accomplishments.

 Making goals is important because it challenges us to change or do something differently for the better.

So how to we make goals that will make a difference in our lives and actually follow through with them?

Tips on how to make epic goals for the upcoming year:

1. Spend some time thinking:

Start by doing a “brain dump” or a brainstorming session. Write down all messy all the things you are thinking about that aren’t working or that you would like to improve upon in all areas of your life.

Get a favorite hot drink and a journal or your laptop and dedicate a solid, uninterrupted chunk of time if you can get it to thinking it through. What’s going well? What areas need improvement? What do you actually care about enough to make the extra effort that’s needed to make changes?

Don’t get discouraged if you end up with a long list and you have no idea where to start! You are about to do great things to move from where you are to somewhere improved. We are all a work in progress! The good news is you are actually thinking and taking steps in the right direction, rather than sitting stagnant. 

2. Choose the top 2-3 goals.

Pick 2-3 top goals that are the most important that you can really focus on from your brainstorming session. The temptation is to be fired up and try to take on All The Things.

Don’t take on too much, you’ll just end up getting overwhelmed, discouraged and quitting before you get much of anything accomplished.

If you smash those first few goals in record time you can always tackle more later.

3. Break those epic goals into small steps.

Breaking your goals up into small steps make them so much more attainable and you’ll be less likely to quit just a few weeks in. 
Staring down a big goal will likely feel intimidating and overwhelming.

Take some time to make a list a series of the small steps that will make achieving the big goal more doable. Chip away at that big beautiful goal bit by bit. Before you know it you will have accomplished that epic goal!

How to make epic goals for the upcoming year

4. Write down your “why”.

Write down why each goal is important to you and why it is important for you to reach the goal.

This will really come in handy when the new excitement has worn off and you feel the motivation waning. Being able to come back to why you started in the first place is so helpful.

5. Get an accountability partner and share your goals.

It can really help to share your goals with a loved one, a close friend, or even someone online. It’s especially helpful to find someone who is also working towards the same goal.

Having someone to check in with can give you an extra boost of motivation when maybe you are feeling like slacking off that day. 

6. Set a deadline/timeline for yourself.

Setting a deadline helps us get things done in a more timely manner. If you don’t set any timeline it is tempting to let things linger. A deadline gives us a bit of a push.

Even if you end up running over a few days or weeks, it can really help to help you keep to the goals you want to accomplish. 

7. Dedicate some extra time to work toward your new goals .

Carve out some extra time to dedicate towards your goals. At first, when you start anything new it is going to take some extra time and brain effort. Find a little bit of time in your day where you can dedicate a few extra minutes to making time to accomplish your goal.

Realize that in order to accomplish your goals you may need to work harder or step out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to kill yourself, but sometimes you may need to get up early, stay up late or make some kind of uncomfortable sacrifice.

It will be worth it! Remind yourself of what you are working towards and why it will be worth the sacrifice. This will help keep you going!

 Remember it takes awhile to establish new habits. Just try to stay consistent, after awhile it won’t take a lot of thought or effort because they will have become engrained habits.

8. Revisit and reevaluate.

Revisit your list in a couple months. Evaluate how you are doing. Had success and reached your goals? Wonderful! Maybe it’s time to tackle a couple more on your list. Really struggling? That’s ok, recommit and continue working on that goal.

9. Make visual reminders.

Remember often what you are trying to accomplish. Write it somewhere where you will see it often. Some people love post it notes, a vision board or a note on the fridge. When you have a visual reminder it’s not as easy for the day to pass with without thinking about your goals. 

10. Make note of your accomplishments.

Working on goals especially as busy moms can feel really slow going, like you aren’t making any progress. But when you keep a short account of what you are doing to work towards your goals it can really be encouraging to see that YES! those little 15 segments of time ARE indeed really adding up to something and you really are making progress.

11. Give yourself some grace.

Yes, you want to set a timeline, yes you put aside the extra time and made the sacrifice to reach those wonderful goals, but life happens sometimes! If things end up taking longer than expected or you just aren’t able to accomplish them, don’t give up. Keep consistent and work at the pace you are able. You will get there eventuallly! Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up!

Isn’t it too late to make my epic goals?

No, of course not! It’s never to late to set goals. In fact I think setting goals that only start on Mondays or January 1st aren’t always lasting goals.

What really makes goals stick in my opinion are really having a solid motivation or “why” behind them, and that can take some time to really develop in our minds.

It’s just a few days into January, it’s still a great time to think about ways to improve our homemaking, mom skills, and life.

I hope you are feeling equipped and excited about making some great, life changing goals for the upcoming year.

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