how to make drop cloth kitchen towels

Does anyone remember those drop cloth curtains I attempted a little while back? If you missed that you can read about it here, but basically I tried to make some nice farmhouse drop cloth curtains and they just didn’t turn out. Today I’ll show you how to make drop cloth kitchen towels.

I had put the fabric aside in a closet, figuring eventually I’d get around to doing SOMETHING with it. I had some plain drop cloth, which I used for some cute little stuffed bears for my kids for Christmas. And I still have some of that left, but I also had the larger pieces of that I dyed blue.

One day I was thinking about how I needed some new kitchen towels and I’ve had repurposing and reusing on my mind a lot lately. Especially fabrics. Then I remembered I had that drop cloth. It’s 100% cotton so I figured why not??

To make the kitchen towels I was REALLY laid back about making them. I have six kids and we would go through rolls of paper towels in a day if I didn’t use kitchen towels for the majority of our daily use in cleaning and wiping up spills.

So I wasn’t thinking about beauty or perfection when I made these up though they certainly could be made decorative if that’s what you are going for.

Using heavy duty cotton is actually perfect because of how hard we are on our towels. We use they for duty and function.

Don’t have any drop cloth on hand?

I think other good options could be cutting up old towels and hemming them, even sewing a layer of cotton on one side. Maybe you could find some old curtains?

Or if it’s in your budget, it’s always a joy to go to the fabric store and buy some heavy cotton or terry and cotton! A lot of craft stores offer sales and coupons.

How to Make Drop Cloth Kitchen Towels:

How to Make Drop Cloth Kitchen Towels

How to Make Drop Cloth Kitchen Towels

Learn how to make kitchen towels from drop cloth, it's a really quick and easy project. Great for every day heavy duty use or even a quick and easy gift idea.


  • 100% Cotton Drop Cloth
  • Cotton Thread
  • A kitchen towel to use as a template
  • May need a heavy duty sewing machine needle


  • Sewing Machine


    1. Take one of your current kitchen towels you like. Lay it on top of your fabric and cut around it, adding an extra 1/2 to 1 inch for seam allowance.

    2. Cut as many as you would like.

    3. Sew up the edges by folding them in by 1/4 inch, then folding down another 1/4 inches so it makes a hem.

    4. Sew that down.

    5. Repeat until you have done all sides. That's it! Super easy!

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how to make drop cloth kitchen towels

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