I love babies, but ugh baby food.  It’s expensive, it’s messy and it’s kind of gross (jarred pureed meat anyone??). But making it up all homemade and ahead can feel a little overwhelming. One more thing to do when you are a busy and tired mama. I’m going to show you how to make baby food the easy way, so you can feed your sweet little blessing in a way that fits right in with feeding yourself and the rest of your family.

Really for the most part all you need is a fork, soft food and a bowl. I’m not a fan of buying extra unnecessary equipment for the kitchen, but I really favor an immersion blender for making some foods into purees quick and easy.

Why an immersion blender?  Any blender does the job I just think it’s so much easier and makes for less dishes when you can throw some food into a jar and blend it right there, without having to get the whole blender out and another container etc. 

Tip! If you mix food with a jar and immersion blender make sure not to overfill otherwise the swirling motion makes it overflow!

I think there’s definitely a place for cooking a bunch up in bulk and freezing it, but I don’t know, for me it just feels like more of a hassle to get all the equipment out and set aside the time when I have more important food goals happening, you know like bulk cooking freezer meals for feeding the bigger locusts (I mean children in the house).

how to make baby food the easy way

Tips for making baby food the easy way:

Keep some super easy foods on hand for quick to mash up food for the baby when dinner is something that isn’t easily converted to “baby food”.  Bananas, apple sauce, avocado, baked sweet potatoes, ripe mango are a few examples.

Canned foods work great too.  They have a good shelf life.  These are great back ups to have on hand in case you ran out of the easy fresh and dinner is something like meat and salad and not as baby friendly. Canned pears, peaches, carrots, green beans, peas etc. Don’t forget yogurt for older babies.

Soups! My babies have loved soups.  They are salty and delicious.  They get the benefits of homemade bone broth early in life! Soups are easy to puree with an immersion blender in a quart mason jar. Really easy to make dinner into baby food. 

You can even set a little extra aside for a couple future meals for baby. If I’m already getting the jar and the blender stick out might as well make up enough for the next couple meals for baby.

Cooked oatmeal is another soft food that is easy to blend. I like to mix a little banana or applesauce in, but just thinned down oatmeal works.

how to make baby food the easy way

A couple things to remember with baby food:

Don’t forget babies make funny faces when trying something new.  Why?  Well because it’s all new to them.  New texture, new taste, new mechanics on learning how to take food from a spoon instead of sucking for their milk. It takes some time for them to get used to eating.  Sometimes baby needs to keep trying a food before they like it.

Once babies are 8-9 months and have perfected the pincer grasp then it opens up more foods they can eat and they stay quite entertained feeding themselves.  Cheerios, veggie straws, bits of cheese, peas, etc. I actually didn’t give my 3rd, 4th and 5th babies purees at all. They were content with just nursing a lot, then started finger foods. My current baby is eating purees and I really wish I had figured this easier method out sooner!

Babies are in fact little tiny humans.  They eat small amounts of human food.  So yeah go ahead and blend up some of the soup you are eating, mash whatever you are having for dinner.  Water it down. It doesn’t need to come in a package labeled safe for babies.

And guess what it’s really fine if they eat the same soup for lunch and dinner a few times in a row. Variety over time is a good thing, but don’t stress too much if your baby eats bananas almost every morning or has had the same soup for 3 meals in a row. Soon they will be able to eat more and it will all even out!

Definitely check with your peditricians guidelines (Obviously I’m just a mama sharing what works at her house). They seem to change they change their recommendations all the time. 

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how to make baby food the easy way