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These simple and comforting rice heat packs are just the best. There’s something about heat that is so comforting when you are experiencing aches and pains. Even if you just aren’t feeling well, they are nice to warm up in the microwave and tuck in next to you when you are feeling chilly.

Rice packs are a really easy project, since they are so easy you can make one for everyone in house. They make wonderful, simple, easy and inexpensive gifts. They are great to have several around the house if you have a larger family like mine. Little ones like to hold them as just the warmth is comforting. My two year old carried one around slung over her shoulder calling it her “baby” haha!

You can use a heating pad and sometimes that’s the better option, but these are so nice because you don’t have to monitor them for sleep (especially those little ones) and there’s no cord to wrestle. You just microwave them to the desire temperature and enjoy. Use common sense here you don’t want to burn yourself, the rice pack or your loved one!

How to make simple and comforting rice heat packs

Rice heat packs are so comforting when you are experiencing pain of some kind. As someone who deals with chronic pain I can tell you there’s really something soothing about heat. As a former massage therapist, I used heat therapy for clients as well. Heat increases blood flow to the area and loosens tight muscles.

I found a pretty good explanation on how to use heat and why it’s beneficial here.

What to use rice heat packs for:

  • Menstural cramps
  • Muscle aches (ice is better for acute muscle pain)
  • Tense neck, back and shoulder muscles
  • Lower back ache
  • Pain from chronic illess
  • Stomach aches
  • Any sore, achy part of your body will benefit!
  • To warm up when you are feeling chlilled

Even with only very basic sewing skills you can make your own simple and comforting rice pack, let me show you how!

How to make a simple and comforting rice pack

How to make a simple and comforting rice pack

Learn how to make simple and comforting rice heat packs. Rice heat packs are so soothing. They are a simple, easy and inexpensive gift. Here's how to make them.


  • Cotton fabric
  • Cotton Thread
  • Rice


  • Sewing Machine


1. Cut your fabric in the size and shape that you want. (It will be slightly due to your seam allowances.) The one in this picture I made is 12 x 7.

2. Place your two pieces of fabric inward so that the right sides are facing each other.

3. Sew three sides up, leaving the fourth side open to fill up the pack with rice.

4. Fill the sack you've created about half way with dry white rice.

5. Fold the fabric inward so that you will create a nice edge, sew this side up too.

*Optional- Put in dried lavender or few drops of your favorite essential oil with the rice.

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