get ebooks for really cheap or even free

Well, I never thought I’d say it, but I actually really love my kindle and reading digital copies of books. In fact i have to admit that *gasp* (I never thought I’d say it), but I think in some cases, maybe a lot of cases I even prefer my kindle over a hard copy. But I still find it hard to pay $15 or so for a kindle copy. I’m going to show you how to get ebooks for really cheap or free. 

I didn’t think that I would be an ebook convert.  In fact I avoided it as long as I could, snubbing my nose at ebooks.  But the reality is ebooks are becoming more and more popular and common. Once I finally decided to give it a try I had to admit that ebooks have their benefits.   

I started to become interested in digital book reading when I started becoming a minimalist.  As I was reading about minimalism, I kept coming across the concept of being able to get books digitally.  I also started to notice that our library had a lot of copies of ebooks.  Sometimes they even only had a digital copy of a book I was interested in.

Now I’m not saying I’m ready to give up my regular books.  I still love having regular hard copies.  In fact we are adding to the book shelves around here. And like I said I still can’t come to terms with paying full price for a kindle book. However, ebooks definitely have their place in my life and likely in yours too.

Why I love ebooks:

  • They are easier to read. (You can adjust the font and font size.)
  • I can actually read faster on my kindle.
  • Reading on kindle is more comfortable laying in bed or on the couch.  (Ever tried to hold a huge hardback up while trying to lay down? Reading at the beach?)
  • Instant gratification of downloading or borrowing from the library.
  • I can read before bed without disturbing my husband or the baby.
  • It’s true. If you are trying to keep things minimal, it doesn’t add to your possessions in a clutter kind of way. (Although I think I have an exception for books in my personal minimalism theory haha!) 
free or cheap ebooks

So, on to what you really want to know.  How to get ebooks for really cheap or free….

I do a combination method.

People are promoting all the time and offering sales and even free ebooks all the time.  Just keep your eyes open.  Recently I came across a group blogger promotion, where a bunch of authors were collaborating and giving away their ebooks for free, if you signed up for their email list.  I got several books that were on my to be read list for free.

Most often this is how I get ebooks for super cheap or free:

Part 1.

I order stuff on amazon and choose the delayed shipping option.  There is an option that offers $1 digital credit on the items you choose to be shipped more like a week out vs. the traditional prime 2 day shipping option.  If you can get on top of your game and order things in advance that you will know you will need (vitamins, diapers, specialty food items etc.) you need these things anyways, and are ordering anyways.  If you can be patient and wait a few extra days you are rewarded with a digital credit. These credits add up, especially if you order from amazon a lot like I do. Then….

Part 2: 

Amazon puts ebooks on sale daily. You can go on their website and search in your favorite genre’s to see what they have discounted. I also get a daily email from that highlights some interesting books and saves me some time. What I like about her emails, is that she has a synopsis of the books alongside. I get a lot of good book ideas for my to be read list that I don’t always buy if I can access from the library. Plenty of her book highlights are not to my taste, but some are. It’s also nice to get some out of my box type book recommendations.

Part 3:

Wait and watch for these daily ebook deals then simply combine them with your saved up $1 digtial rewards. Voila! Free or super cheap ebooks. Alternatively you can just save up your digtial rewards dollars and grab a full priced ebook for cheap or free as well.

And that’s it! If you have any OTHER ways you find or access ebooks for free I’d love to hear in the comments below! And don’t forget to sign up for my updates, so you don’t miss any of my blog posts on simple living, simple homemaking and books!