december links and loves
Christmas Eve. I was really sick and almost went to bed without sitting out the stockings! So not a great picture but that’s ok 🙂 Homemade bears I made for the kids, and our decorated mantel instead of a tree this year. The kids did the decorating.

This month was full of preparations for Christmas. Simple Homemade gift making, a couple birthdays and nursing sick ones has been the theme for the past few weeks. We’ve busy with some simple Christmas preparations. I am sharing my December Links and Loves today, a few of the things that I loved during this month.

We’ve taken a break from our normal homeschooling routine and concentrated on making a lot of fun homemade Christmas gifts. We chose to keep everything really simple this year.   

And good thing too, because we have been really sick! Some kind of stomach bug and really nasty cold combo that never wants to end. The baby has an ear infection with a few others of us threatening to get one as well. I’m so glad that I took a little bit of time to get ready for the sick season and had a few things prepared and in place. I’m still really weak and recovering.

December Links and Loves:

december links and loves
Some washcloths I knit for gifts

December Links:

How to Finger Knit

A couple of my kids learned to finger knit this month with the help of this video.  It’s a really fun little project because it’s really easy to learn and it goes really fast.  We really need to all sit down and learn to crochet. 

Top 100 Homemaking Blogs Every Homemaker Must Follow

Look here, I was added to the top 100 homemaking blogs!  You can check it out over there.  I found a few new blogs to check out myself!

An Open Letter to the Overwhelmed Parent at Christmas

This was another good reminder about keeping our focus on the important things during Christmas. Read it and save it for next year!

December Loves:

Life Below Zero.

I don’t really ever watch TV, but one night while I was reading on the couch my husband flipped over to Life Below Zero and I was sucked in 🙂 . It’s a really interesting show on National Geographic Channel about several people/families who live in the Alaskan bush. I never realized how beautiful Alaska is.

One Man’s Wilderness by Sam Keith based on the journals and photographs of Richard Proenneke.

This book was really interesting to me, it’s the journal and photographs chronicling how a man builds a cabin with some very basic hand tools and lives in the wild Alaskan terrain for a year and half or so.

december links and loves yarn love
Yarn love! Simply wool by knitpicks, Wordsworth, Wilbur, Winkle and Wanda colorways.

I’m knitting the Nordic Wind Shawl pattern by Cabinfour using Simply Wool by Knitpicks. I love how simple and easy the pattern is so far.

Super excited to use the homemade yarn swift I was given last year for Christmas. I FINALLY got it put to use with my ball winder and it worked beautifully. I can’t believe how fast it worked to wind up my yarn skein compared to winding by hand from the back of a chair. Love love love!

So, are you thinking about any goals or New Year’s resolutions for the 2020?  

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Happy New Year’s Friends!