5 simple ways to use up your leftover turkey

Large family and friends gatherings and leftovers are such a blessing! Depending on the size of the turkey and the number of people eating it, the leftovers can be quite abundant! But what do you do with it all? Here are 5 simple ways to use up your leftover turkey!

1. The leftover turkey sandwich. 

You could get fancy and really spruce it up and take it up a few notches with bacon and arugula.  But let’s be real, after planning, shopping and cooking for hours for the main event you are tired! There’s not much mental space or energy to be coming up with anything super fancy.  Unless maybe you weren’t the main cook and are getting sent home the leftovers (hand raised haha!)  

But in all seriousness, the leftover turkey sandwich really is tried and true because it takes no thought and is so easy.  Just get some bread, mayo and lettuce, maybe a tomato. This is such a great option because it’s pretty easy to adapt for gluten free, paleo or regular old fashioned bread.  This is definitely going to be happening at my house.  I buy paleo bread from whole foods and keep that stocked in my freezer. 

You can just lay the turkey on the bread or you could also mix up like turkey salad. A turkey salad lettuce wrap would be really good too.

2. Turkey soup. 

Again, no one really wants to be spending a ton of time in the kitchen after thanksgiving.  Turkey soup is so so easy and made with pantry basics. It’s a great way too to get every last scrap of the meat by making some gut health boosting bone broth.

Make it with noodles, rice or just the meat and veggies. This is a really easy one to throw together for your Crockpot or instant pot.  I often make a big pot of soup early in the day and call it lunch AND dinner for the whole day.  Saves making another meal later in the day or the following day. You could get ambitious and make a really big pot and put some in the freezer. Now you are really on top of your game!

3. Turkey quesadillas.

Put a little turkey and lots of cheese on a tortilla (either corn or flour) and you have a really quick and easy meal to put together.  I can’t eat quesadillas but I make them up so easily for my family and just eat some other thanksgiving leftovers, maybe what’s left but isn’t enough for the whole family.  Or just make a lettuce wrap for myself.

4. A Casserole:

Casseroles are another really easy option to help you use up your leftover turkey in a quick and easy fashion. I don’t tend to make many casserole dishes (because they are harder to do for my dietary needs (gluten and dairy free, paleo-ish). But I was pleasantly surprised that I found several recipes that fit the bill! Casseroles are so nice because they are an all in one kind of meal, great to double to stock the freezer. Add a simple side salad or raw veggies and you meal is complete.

5. Sick of turkey? Just freeze it in freezer bags for later.

Depending on how much turkey you cooked up you may get to the point where you and your whole family are OVER it but you may still have leftovers.

If that is the case then just bag it up in freezer bags and save them for meals later on.  I find a quart size freezer bag to be a decent meal size, but keep in mind I have a bigger family. Having some precooked meat in the freezer makes any of the above meals or more super easy to throw together on a busy night.

Want some more ways to use up your leftover turkey?

I found a bunch of leftover turkey recipes on Pinterest and saved them all to a special Best Leftover Turkey Recipes Board so you can go and pin your little heart out 🙂

What do you plan on doing with your leftover Thanksgiving turkey?

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5 simple ways to use up your leftover turkey